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Seth rogan - voice of truth

Bad decision

Decided to put the film cyber bully on and i forgot how much it really hits home to me. Sitting here in tears remembering just what i went through jn school , how being told to kill myself became a regular thing at least 10 times a day.
I dont think kids/people realise how much what they say and do stick with people and how a “apology” does nothing for the sleepless nights , the nights taking bottles of pills or cutting yourself , yet the will always think it will.

Dont get me wrong , i have thicker skin for it but what happened in school started a string of depression and has ended up in social anxiety , me seeing the worst in everyone and the inability to keep friends/relationships because i cant trust people and now post traumatic stress.


Makoto Aida - Girls Don’t Cry, 2004.
From the cyberpunk director Shozin Fukui’s film, Hentai Land. 
Model is Koe-chan.
(best part is the bellybutton as a nostril, Aida you madman)

Love the character he plays , reminds me of someone.


Evan Peters as  Tate Langdon  on  American Horror Story: Murder House  (first season)